Wpengine black friday 2018- Live Right Now Flat 50% OFF

Wpengine black friday

WPEngine is the most popular managed WordPress hosting solution.

If you are looking for perfect managed hosting, make sure you don’t miss this WPEngine Black Friday offer.

Check this Black Friday offer in the table below.Wpengine black friday

If you are not a tech savvy, and would not like to manage your hosting, then WPEngine would be the best bet for you. The hosting provider themselves look into all the technical details and optimize your account for maximum performance.

Once your site starts to grow, you need to concentrate on marketing and content creation rather than worrying all the technicalities involved in setting up and maintaining a WordPress site.

WPEngine is one of such hosts, wherein it relieves your headache of setting up and managing WordPress sites.

The best thing about them is that they provide bullet-proof security for the sites.


WPEngine Black friday

Managed hosting has a huge benefit over ordinary hosting.

WPEngine provides you the best features so that you need not be technical person to handle the hosting, domain setup, DNS setup, WordPress setup, and others.

Here are some of the features of WPEngine:

  • Security: One of the main things that WPEngine concentrate is to provide the best security for the sites hosted under them. Their real-time threat detection system is the plus point here. They have the enterprise-grade security systems for monitoring your site 24/7.
  • High-speed servers: Their servers are optimized so as to provide high server response times, it helps in loading up your site fast. They have their servers spread over the entire world, so that they can provide 100% uptime for your sites and also fast response times no matter where your website visitors are from.
  • Premium support: They are always committed to the best customer and technical support. If you are facing any difficulties, you can contact them by making use of the worldwide toll-free number. The support is 24/7. The tool free number is a great thing to have as you can get instant support whenever required.
  • Backup and recovery: You need not worry about backing up your site on regular basis. They have a feature called snapshot backups that is super-fast. You don’t need to mess up with various WordPress backup and recovery plugins and managed the backups on your own.


WPEngine Pricing

WPEngine comes in with three plans. Let me explain each one of them below:

  • Startup: This plan costs you $35 per month. This is the entry-level plan and it supports upto 25,000 websites visits, one site support, 10GB storage, 50GB bandwidth, free SSL and backups.
  • Growth: This costs you $115 / month. This plan is suitable for you if you wish to host multiple sites. It supports up to 5 websites. It supports upto 1,00,000 website traffic.
  • Scale: This costs you $290 per month. This plan gives you access to host 15 websites on your server, 400,000 website visits per month and more resources

These three are the main plans. Apart from this, WPEngine also has Premium and Enterprise plans that offer even more features with custom pricing.

Also know: 

On this Black Friday, you’ll be getting 30% discount on all these plans.

If you are looking for WordPress hosting solution which is hassle-free, and also secured then you don’t have to miss WPEngine Black friday deal.

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