Best Security solar lights

Security solar lights

There is need to be eco-friendly as pollution is increasing and all living beings are facing problems. Nowadays, we have security lights that work in the sunlight. This eco-friendly light uses solar panels to collect the sunlight and charge the battery. This light works in any season without giving any problems. All lights last up to 10 hours in summer.
Below is the list of the solar lights which can be used for the security purpose in houses and comparatively they have less brightness.

1) Sun jar yellow:

Sun Jar yellow is a colorful jar and they can be used for the decoration purpose also. There is a solar panel in a jar that charges the battery so that LED can glow in the dark. When you are charging jar you should switch off it so that battery will charge fast. It takes few hours to charge and they can work perfectly for several hours. Sun Jar has a sensor in it which switch on when there is darkness or low light and switch offs when there is natural light all this is done automatically. You can manually switch off the jar so that you can conserve the battery. It is available in various colors like yellow, pink and blue. Its cost is nearly Rs. 1599. Available in online shops.

2) Solar Dual Function Lights:

Solar Dual Function Lights comes in a pack which has eight lights in it. There is white light and also there are color changing lights. Once you charge these in direct sunlight then each Light will work for eight hours. It is better than other lights works perfectly without any complain. You can manually switch off and switch on so you can conserve the battery life. You have the choice to select the white light or color changing light as there is setting for that as per your wish you can change its colors. Its cost is nearly Rs. 3250. Available in online retailer’s shop.

3) Cole and Bright Solar Ice Orb Border Light:

If you want to make your lawn to more attractive and beautiful then you can use this Solar lights. These lights are made from stainless steel and the glass is of crackle glass. It is 60 cm tall in which there are solar panels which store the sunlight and it is totally wireless. You have the choice to select the setting of lights either white light or color changing lights. Once it is charged it can work for 6 hours or more. If you want of smaller height solar lights then the company is making the lights which will have less height rod. Its cost is Rs. 1055. It is available in online stores

4) URPOWER 8 LED Outdoor Solar Motion Security Light:

As they are solar lights so no need for the wires and switches. As there are no wiring then installation process is simple and can be done in no time. It has automated sensor it switches on in the night when motion is detected and switches-offs in the morning so no wastage. These lights are waterproof, heatproof and weatherproof that is suitable in all kinds of weather. You can use them in Porch, Garden, yard etc. When it detects the motion then it provides the maximum brightness for security and safety. It has the capacity to provide the 12 hours light after sunset. LED span is nearly 50,000 hours and it takes 6 to 8 hours to fully charge. It is available in 2 pack and 4 pack.
Its cost for 2 pack is Rs. 1699 and for 4 pack is Rs. 2399 and available in Online shops.

5) InnoGear Upgraded Solar Lights:

This lights have 2 in 1 installation process, either we can stick it to the ground or they have provided screws so mount on the walls. There is no need of protective film. When there is sunlight then it automatically turns off the lights and when it detects the motion then it automatically turns on the light. In per charge, they work for a long period of time. Its battery capacity is nearly 2200 mAh. These lights are waterproof, heatproof and weatherproof. Its cost is Rs. 1699.

6) Swiftly Done Bright Solar Power Outdoor LED Light:

You can mount this lights on the walls or any surface you want. As they are solar lights so you can install it in few seconds. It is waterproof, made from plastic then also heatproof and whatever may be the weather it doesn’t matter that is weatherproof. In dark or low light the LEDs will glow automatically and in bright light, it will stop automatically. Its cost is Rs. 700.

7) MAXSA Innovations Security Spotlight:

This light can be use for the security purposes and also in garages, sheds etc. They are dual headed LED lights. It can detect the motion from 40 feet. It has four super LED bulbs of 0.5 W. As it is dual headed so you can rotate both the lights in different directions and so that they can give security in any direction at a same time from the same place. It is easy to install and very useful. Its cost is Rs. 2899.

8) Frostfire Bright Solar Powered Light:

It is powerful motion sensing lights. The LED’s are waterproof, heatproof and weatherproof. As it is made from plastic so it is bright as well as durable. Once the motion is detected in three meters activation zone then they will illuminate the light. These lights are very helpful to secure your house or any property. Its cost is RS. 900. Available in Online stores with offers as well as offline stores.

9) Atom 20 LED Bright Solar Lights:

It offers super bright lighting in wide areas. It is similar to other solar lights but it is much brighter than other lights. In bright or in morning it absorbs sunlight and stores in a solar panel in few hours. In the night it works for 8 to 10 hours when it is fully charged. You can mount on any surface. It is very easy to install as there is no wiring. It detects the motion from 26 feets away. It is very helpful and useful for the security purposes.

10) InnoGear 20 LED Solar Lights

It has bigger panels and the bulbs are super bright. It has sensitive motion sensor it can detect from 16 feet. They are the best light for the security of gardens, houses or porch. It is waterproof, heatproof and weatherproof. There is no wire and no adapter so you can easily install this lights. Its cost is Rs. 1300. Available in Online stores and Offline stores.


We can use this lights for the security purposes. They are eco-friendly so no pollution and mounting this lights will make your house or garden look beautiful. Hope so this article was useful and it helped you in choosing the best solar lights for the security.


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