Best Robotic lawn machines

Robotic lawn machines

If you want to keep your lawn clean and healthy then there is need of the tools that will make your work easy. Nowadays, there are autonomous robotic lawn machines available for gardening. This machine works for an unlimited period time. You love to sit in the lawn but hate to spend a lot of time in cutting grass and more then you are on right place.
Below is the list of few Robotic lawn machines which will help you to look your lawn attractive and healthy.

1) Lawn mowers:

It is a robot used to cut the grass. Before the Robotic Mowers, while cutting the grass we have to set the border wire around the lawn and that area should be mowed. Some mowers have rain sensors so that they can understand about the rain automatically. Some lawn mowers come with batteries of Nickel-metal hydride, lithium ion, and lead acid. From 1995, solar mowers are available for cutting grass. Today’s mowers are controlled with smartphones, digital joystick or you can adjust the time of the mowing with the help of apps. You can set the frequency of the mowers. The mowers are very easy to use and do everything on its own. It is available in different qualities and a variety of price tags. You will get the mowers in online shops as well as in offline shops.

2) Lawn scarifier:

Another name for the Lawn Scarifier is dethatcher. It is designed to cut through the soil and help to remove the dead moss and grass cuttings. It works on electricity and our you can handle it manually. It helps to make the soil healthier, weed free and long lasting. There is need to use the scarifier because if we didn’t remove the dead moss or grass cutting then the rain water will not drain deep into the ground and water should be on the ground. If water sits on the top then it will make your lawn soggy. The scarifier is easy to use and it works on electricity as well it works manually.

3) Electric Lawn Raker:

Electric Lawn Raker is similar to the Lawn Scarifier. It helps to remove the leaves, debris, moss and mostly weeds so that grass diseases are cured. It works on the electricity. It has a powerful cylinder rake which is used to remove the unwanted moss and thatch. As per your height, you can adjust the height of the Lawn Raker. It is easy to use and cleans the debris and weeds from the lawn properly.

4) Line Trimmer:

The line trimmers are used to cut the grass in the areas where it is difficult to reach. As the line trimmers are lightweight, compact and versatile and mainly used for the creating the neat and proper edges. These trimmers are very easy to use and we can keep anywhere we want, we can mount on the roof or keep on the roof. They are available in petrol, electric and corded models. You can purchase whichever you want. Sometimes there is heightened grass so before mowing we can use the trimmers to slash the grass.

5) Greenworks Cordless Brushless Blower:

Many times lawn become untidy due to the leaves. It is not easy to clean the leaves by hand or with the broom. So we have the Brushless Blower, it has a jet fan which delivers 115 MPH and 430 CFM. You can vary the speed of the fan as per your need. There is speed trigger with cruise control and it works on the battery so you need to charge the battery every time when you use it. The battery is made of Li-Ion. The blower is very easy to use and available in online stores as well in the offline stores.

6) Lawn Edger:

The most attractive part of the lawn is its edge. The edge of the lawn should be neat and should have the proper and perfect edge. It is easy to use but you should be professional in edging the lawn. There is a detachable shaft which can be fitted on any trimmers. It has a heavy duty gear box so it may make noise will edging the lawn.

7) Hand Cultivators:

There are hand cultivators that can be used in the gardens. This cultivator can be used for breaking soil and weeding between the plants. It has 4 tines which rotate in the forward direction so it can easily remove the dirt. You can adjust the height. It is easy to use and transportation can be done easily. But you should be professional in gardening. Hand Cultivators have the Li-Ion battery. The battery is nearly 4Ah for all the Hand Cultivators.

8) Honda Miimo:

We all know Honda is a popular company in robotics and the world’s advanced robot named as Asimo is developed by the Honda. Miimo is advanced lawn mower which works as per your wish. It does the repetitive tasks for a long period. So it can cut the grass for an unlimited period of time. In a single day, it can cover 2200 square meter or 3000 square meters. It operates in three modes: one, in random mode, means it can navigate in any pattern. Two, directional means it moves in to and fro direction. Three, mixed means in any direction or works randomly. It is obstacle avoiding mower, if it detects any object then it turns around.

9) Robomow RS630:

It is a very powerful mower. You can control the robot via remote if automatic mode is not able to reach the small areas. Like other mowers, there is also charging station and if the battery drains then it will automatically return to the charging station. It covers the 3000 square meters at one time. It can also detect the objects.

10) Husqvarna Automower 265 ACX:

It can cover the 6000 square meter of area. It has a wide range of sensors which helps the robot to navigate the areas. The interesting feature of the mower is it sends the message if there is any disturbance in the operation. It has Li-Ion battery once it is charged it can work for 80 minutes. To charge the battery it takes nearly 40 minutes. It has an alarm system if the blades are shutting then it will announce to the owner. This robotic mower can detect the obstacles.


This machines will help you keep your lawn clean and healthy. By using this machine it will save your time and you can use them for a lifetime. They are easy to use. Hope this article was helpful and useful to you.

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