Best Hanging Planters

Best Hanging Planters

If you don’t have the lawn or garden but you love planting the small plants, then you have the best option of the Hanging Planters. These hanging planters are used to plant the trees in the bucket and you can hang it anywhere. If you hang it in the porch, terrace or balcony it will look attractive. Below is the list of few hanging planters which will help you to reduce the confusion while choosing.

1) Green girgit Metal Hanging Bucket Planters:

It is one of the best planters. You can hang it anywhere you want. This planter comes in the set of 2 pieces. It is made from the metal so it’s quite strong and capable to handle the heavy looad. Its weight is nearly 2 KG. The dimension of the planter is 5-inch x 5-inch x 5.5 inch. As it comes in the 2 pieces set so the colors available are green and yellow. You can hang it on the porch or near the door and will give the cool look. The price of the Hanging Bucket Planters is Rs. 899.

2) Dhavesai Hanging Pot/Planters:

If you want the straight line of the hanging planters in the porch or anywhere then this is the best planter. It comes with the set of 6 pieces of hanging planters. The weight of the planter is 600 gm. As they are made from plastic for they cannot bare the heavy load. Also, its hook is made from plastic. You should take one care of watering the plants daily in this planter. The size of the planter is UpperDiameter: 18cm,Lower diameter10cm,Hight13cm,Hanger length30cm. So it is perfect for the small plants at outside or inside of the house. All the six pots are available in same brown color. Its price is Rs. 309.

3) Cappl Vertical Garden Wall Hanging Pot:

This planter is widely used to create the vertical garden. There is a hanger at the backside of the pot so you can easily hang it on the bars of the windows or in wire mesh. It is available in nine colors so you have many choices. It is made from Polypropelene, UV Stabilize. The dimensions of the planter are Height: 129 mm, Width: 97 mm, Length: 125 mm. The price of the planter is Rs. 399.

4) Ehouseware Inc. Hanging Round Planter:

You can use this round planter as indoors or outdoors. Another use of this planter is that you can use it for the decoration of the flowers. It is lighweight, durable and you can clean it easily. If you want then you can gift this planter for those who love the planting or gardeners. It comes in the set of three pieces. The size of the planter is 14 Cm X 12 Cm. Its cost is Rs. 590.

5) TrustBasket Single Pot Railing Planter:

It is available in the set of five pieces. You can use it in the railing or wire mesh. It looks attractive. They are made from metal and it can bare heavy load. They have strong hooks. It is slightly similar to the Cappl Vertical Hanging Pot. As this planter comes in the set of five so all the planters are available in the different colors and you can get all the planters in the same color to look elegant. If you want to use the planters on the railings or window grills then this is the best option. The price of the planter is Rs. 1,199.

6) Pepper Agro GPA1023 Hanging Planter:

Pepper Agro planters have a metal chain. This is the best looking planter and capable of handling the heavy load. You should water the plants regurely in this planters. The dimensions of the planters are Open Diameter: 8 inches, Depth: 5.25 inch, bottom diameter: 4.75 inches. It has a base plate so water will not fall if you hang in the house. The price of the planter is Rs. 240.

7) Trustbasket Rectangular railing planter:

It is a rectangular planter. This planter is made from Galvanized Iron Metal and it is powdered coated for the rust resistance, long lasting and durable. It is very easy to use and clean. There are two hooks so you can hang it on the railings, grills or wire mesh. Its size is 12 inch and available in a set of 4 pieces. Also, has four different colors for choosing. The aize of the planter is Height 13.9cm(5.4inch) Length 31.75cm(12.5inch)Width:14.98cm(5.8inch). It is really lightweight and has a detachable hook. The price of the planter is Rs. 1, 399.

8) First Smart Deal Plastic Hanging Pot:

This planter does not crack, fade or break. It is available in the pack of 4 pieces. This plantrer is lightweight, durable and we can easily use it or easy to clean. It is the perfect gift for the gardeners and those who love planting. The dimensions of the planter is Length – 21cm, Width – 21 cm, Height – 14 cm, Hanger – 45cm. The price of the Hanging Planter is Rs. 399.

9) Coir Basket Hanging Planter:

It is mainly used in the gardens. This planter is made from Kraft Seeds. Coir basket is Light weight & easy to handle. Bio-degradeable. The main feature is it retains the moisture for a longer time than the metal or earthen planters. Also, you should sprinkle with water, excess water will be drained out. The price of the hanging planter is Rs. 320.

10) Self Watering Hanging Planter:

It is a self-watering planter. There is a watering grid inside planter and when you want to water just triggered the capillary action it will extract water from the bottom storage. It is made from virgin plastic PP. It is available in multiple colors. Due to the use of virgin plastic PP, it becomes more durable. The price of the Hanging Planter is Rs. 2,200.


So these were the best hanging planter that can be used in the porch, gardens or on the grills, railing and wire mesh. Hope so this list help you in choosing the best hanging planter for you.


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