Best Hanging Baskets

Best Hanging Baskets


We always want the stylish hanging baskets to store the daily required materials. They must be easy to use and must be attractive. Below is the list of few Hanging Baskets which are useful to keep the daily items and they are easy to use and attractive.

1) OutMad Sky-Blue Double Hook Hanging Baskets:

This is a multipurpose hanging basket you can use it in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, balcony, storage room. This basket comes in a set and in one set you will get three baskets. This baskets are durable and can hold tableware, fruits, and small equipment that are daily required. It has two hooks so you can easily keep anything and it will be safe. These hooks are rotatory, you can rotate this baskets in 360 degrees. The design of the basket is beautiful and stunning. Its size is 23 cm x 16 cm. The cost of the baskets is Rs. 549.

2) Home Care 3 Tier Hanging Basket:

It is a multi-stage basket. You can keep anything in that baskets. It will be useful in the kitchen for keeping the small utensils or fruits and vegetables etc. The size of the basket is 33x33x18 Centimeters. You have the choice to choose the colors as it is available in various colors. This is one of the best and easy to use a basket. Its cost is Rs. 1,670. Available in online as well as in offline stores.


3) Pratha hanging basket:

It is a large hanging basket. It may be useful in the kitchens for keeping utensils, in bathrooms or you can use it in other many ways. It is available in various colors so you can choose as per your wish. This hanging basket has Mirror satin finishing. Its dimensions are 21 x 21 x 15 cm . You can hang it anywhere and it is made of plastic. It has the capacity to carry the heavy load so you can keep the heavy material in it but not so heavy like heavy weight metals and steels. It is available in online as well as offline stores and its cost is Rs. 350.


4) YOGERS Kitchen Sink Caddy Sponge Storage Hanging Basket:

This hanging basket is made of Rubber. By using the press button also made of rubber you can close or open it. It is very handy to use. It can hold a sponge and few light weight materials. It can fit on any standard faucet. You have many color choices. So it can be useful in the kitchens and bathrooms which hold small items. This is the best basket for keeping small items. The cost of this hanging basket is Rs. 249.


5) Home Cube TM Suction Hanging Basket:

It is a cubical shape basket and this suction basket used to keep the items like chopsticks, spoons, and toothbrush. It is firm and durable and you can move it anywhere. Mostly it should be hanged on a smooth surface. At the bottom of the basket, there are holes which are made for leaching of water so that chopsticks, spoons are quickly dried and there is the prevention of bacteria. It is available in various colors. The size of the Basket is 22 x 11.4 x 7.8 cm and its weight is 59 gm. The cost of the basket is Rs. 149.


6) Kitchen Sponge Holding Basket:

It has two pockets so mostly useful for the kitchens with double sinks. They are very useful to keep the scrubbers, sponges, soaps and other kitchen sink accessories. At the bottom of the baskets, there are holes which prevent water from accumulating and it promotes the sanitary drying. It is made using the molded rubber and very easy to use and keep it clean. It is available in various colors options. The weight of the basket is nearly 18 gm and size is 13 x 10 x 10 cm-5.31 x 4.11 x 3.94 inch. The cost of the basket is Rs. 159.


7) Agralan Basket Cosie:

It gives the protection to the hanging baskets. These cosies protect the baskets from the frost below the -6-degree celsius temperature. Also, they protect from the cold winds. Agralan Cosie is made from 25/28g green fleece so you can re-use it as many times you want. You can wash it in machines but the temperature should be less. In the cold season if you spray water on the cosie then it will improve the insulation quality. The size of the cosie is 48 cm and suitable for all the baskets. It is not available in India you have to order it from other countries and pay the taxes. But very useful for the baskets it helps to maintain the baskets.


8) Modern Home Cabinet Wire Hanging Basket Shelves:

It is the best basket to keep anything you want. It is available in four sizes so as per your wish you can choose any basket which is suitable for your shelves. It is a wire basket. There are two rods on top, the only thing you have to do is just fit that two rods in the shelves and done. It is 10.25’ deep. The cost of this basket is Rs. 21,589. Each basket is white powder coated durable steel. You can keep any item in it looks beautiful in any shelve.


9) Generic Double Sink Sponge Hanging Basket:

Kitchen Sponge Holding Basket is similar to the Generic Double sink basket. It is used to store the tools and there are holes in the bottom which helps to keep the items dry. You can hang it on double sink kitchen, rack. It has creative two bags and has a press button to close or open it. Available in a variety of colors. Its weight is 110 gm and size is 21 x 20 cm. The cost of the basket is Rs. 907.


10) Hortus SS 10″ Wire Round Hanging Basket:

This basket is not used to store any items but you can use it to style your porch, balcony or garden. It is made from stainless steel wire and it is rust resistant. There is three piece chain and one hook so you can hang it anywhere easily. The size and weight of the basket 25 x 25 x 13 cm and 470 gm. The price of the basket is Rs. 370.



So this were few Hanging Baskets that can be useful in for keeping various items and they are available in various sizes and colors. Hope so this article was helpful to find the best hanging baskets.


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