10 Best Hammer Drills of 2017 #3 is our top pick reviewed by our experts

Introduction of Best Hammer Drills

Best hammer drill is very much necessary in our daily based work. If you want to deliver the fast and short blows in the masonry, bricks or woods then hammer drills are perfect. A hammer drill has a rotatory mechanism which helps in few projects which require the holes. Here is the list of best hammer drills and each and every drill is in the budget and can be afforded by anyone.

Here we give the features of 10 best hammer drills of 2017:-

1) DeWALT DCD995B:

It is one of the best choices for the drilling projects. It is very powerful and there is 650-watt brushless motor it can give the best for fastening and drilling activities with different materials. Dewalt has three guarantees. As it comes with the compact size so you can easily drill on any place or difficult corners. Best hammer drill has excellent gripping due to strong metal chuck with carbide fillings. If you want to work in dark places or in low light places then they have provided LED then you can use it anywhere. The price of the hammer drill is Rs. 8961.

2) Makita XPH012:

This is a versatile drill and allows you to perform various tasks. It has 18 volt Li-Ion battery which helps for long work and it takes only 30 minutes for charging. It comes in 2 speeds, which gives you the choice to work in 0 to 400 RPM and 0 to 1500 RPM as per the requirement. It is easy and steady to use. There is also LED light which helps to work perfectly in low light places. Makita gives the 3 years guarantee on the hammer drill, battery, charger. The price of the drill is Rs. 9,151.

3) Milwaukee 2604-20:

Milwaukee is a very powerful tool and completes the task as per your wish. In one impact it delivers 725 in. It has two speeds one from 0 to 550 and other 0 to 1850. It has a long lasting battery and there is a fuel indicator which tells the time that how the longer machine will work. There is a smooth grip due to which it enables the comfortable and easy usage. The manufacturer is confident about their product that’s why they have provided 5 years guarantee. It is one of the powerful and best for heavy use. The price of the drill is Rs. 18,631.


This drill is perfect for the masonry projects. As this model gives the optimum performance. This tool is totally made from metal so it will last long and it is sturdy, lightweight, compact and intelligent because it decreases heat from its internal parts. It has 7 Amp engine which provides the decent force on different materials and surfaces. There is an ergonomic side handle which is smooth and has a comfortable grip which gives the comfort and the control and ability to complete the task. It comes with the three years guarantee. The price of the drill is Rs. 8,316.

5) DeWALT DWE5010:

This is another powerful tool that can complete any task excellently. It comes with the 7 Amp engine which provides the protection from the motor overload. It is lightweight which helps you to work for a long time. Also, there is a long lasting battery. There is an ergonomic 360-degree handle which covered with rubber for comfortable, versatile and convenient usage. By using this handle you can do drilling task perfectly from every corner, in tight and small places. This model has 3 years guarantee. The price of the machine is Rs. 4,770.

6) Makita XPH07Z:

You want reliable, economic tool and powerful then this tool is for you. It is versatile but still, it can strongly complete any drilling task on any surface like bricks, masonry, woods etc. Best hammer drill has electronically controlled battery and has brushless motors which work for long period of time. This tool also comes with the two speeds one of 0 to 550 RPM and second of 0 to 2100 RPM. It also provides the high-quality performance and overload protection. This machine comes with the three years guarantee. The price of the drill is Rs. 9,412.

7) SKIL 6445-04:

It is another powerful drill and it comes with the 7.0 Amp engine which confidently completes the every drilling task. It has 6 feet cord so you can take it anywhere in the house and complete the work. It is built with the decent metal and gear and comes with the ergonomic grip which gives the comfortable and steady hold for long period of time. It has a trigger by which you can vary the speed for accuracy. It has 12 months guarantee. The price of the drill is Rs. 3,028.

8) Ryobi ZRP 213:

This drill is best for those who are looking for the reliable, versatile and affordable hammer drill. It has an 18V engine which gives the reliable and energetic action in every task. It comes with the two-speed transmission and has an adjustable side handle. You can complete the every task without facing any issues. The manufacturers give the three years guarantee for the drill. This machine can be affordable by everyone and you can save money and can grab the best hammer drill. The price of the hammer drill is Rs. 4,068.

9) Black & Decker DR670:

It is the best hammer for its energetic, versatile and powerful hammer drill which enables you to complete the task on any surface like concrete, brick, and wood without any issues and easily and with confidence. It has 6.0 Amp engine which enables you to drill for a longer period of time. As per its design, it can easily work on any place with accuracy. The manufacturers give the 2 years guarantee. The price of the hammer drill is Rs. 3,416.

10) VonHaus 6.2A:

By using this drill you can easily complete the task on surfaces like wood, stone, concrete and steel. It has 6.5 feet long cord which gives the flexibility to complete the task anywhere. It has an unlimited power source. The side handle of the drill provides the steady hold and completes the projects with confidence and you can work for longer period of time. This machine is versatile and strong. It comes with the two speeds and gives the full control on you. There is a forward and reverse function which is easy for unscrewing. The price of the hammer drill is Rs. 2,900.


If you want to pick the best hammer drill then choose from this list as these are the best hammer drill and give you the perfect and accurate results. We hope that this list saved your time picking up the best hammer drills.