10 best bathroom tile sticker of 2017 #3 is our top pick

Introduction of best bathroom tile sticker

After making a beautiful house you need something different to make your house attractive. Also inside the house, there must be something that gives the beautiful touch to your interior and the best option is stickers. Stickers are the best for everything. Here is the list of best bathroom sticker by using this sticker you can make your bathroom atmosphere enchanting.

Here we give the features of 10 best bathroom tile sticker

1) Decor Tiles Transfers Stickers:

This sticker can quickly turn your ordinary tile design into a unique design. It has 10 pieces in one pack. They are self-adhesive stickers. You can cut these stickers with scissors and you can stick them anywhere you want.    To apply the sticker you need to peel the backing paper and stick it to the clean and dry area. The material used in the sticker is plastic and after washing with there is no effect on the design. The price of the sticker is Rs. 1,499.

2) Bathroom Removable Self-adhesive Mosaic Tiles Mirror Wall Stickers:

If you want the mirror like stickers then it is a smart choice. You can clearly see your face in this sticker. These stickers are made from PET material and color used is silver so you can easily watch yourself. It is moisture proof and anti-static. In the package, there are 16 pieces of the stickers, so it covers a wide area. It covers around 15 cm x 15 cm area. It is very attractive and gives stunning look to your bathroom. The price of the sticker is Rs. 1,300.

3) Waist line wall sticker for the bathroom:

These stickers are similar to the Decor Tiles stickers. It gives the attractive look to your bathroom and it is available in various colors and designs. The weight of the package is 0.300 kg. The size of the package is 20 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm (7.87 in x 3.94 in x 3.94 in). As they are made from PVC Vinyl so it’s waterproof and you can carelessly clean it. These stickers are around 2m long so they can cover the entire area of the bathroom and also you can cut them with scissors. The price of the sticker is Rs. 1,381.

4) New Waterproof bathroom tile aluminum foil wall sticker:

These are one of the best bathroom tile stickers. It is available in the variety of the scenarios like elegant flowers, beaches, ocean shells and lots of variety. The material used in this sticker is aluminum foil and it rejects the water. The weight of the package is 0.100 kg and the size of the package is 35 cm x 15 cm x 2 cm (13.78 in x 5.91 in x 0.79 in). It has self-adhesive property. The price of the sticker is Rs. 626.

5) Waterproof Crystal 3D Mosaic Tiles Wall Sticker for Bathroom Decor:

If you are looking for the new and unique stickers in the budget then this sticker are for you. These are 3D stickers and you can make very attractive bathroom using this sticker. The material used in this sticker is Crystal glass. Its size is 300 x 300 mm and available in blue color. It is moisture and heat resistant. You can easily remove the stain just by wiping. If you want stickers in different shapes then you can cut it with scissors and fix it on the wall of the bathroom. The price of the sticker is Rs. 1,620.

6) Futaba Butterfly Flower Bathroom Wall Sticker:

The design of the sticker is simple but attractive. You can attach the stickers on the walls, tiles, windows, screens etc. These are multipurpose sticker means you can use them to decorate the barhroom walls as well as you can decorate toilet seats, laptops or doors etc. It can give the amazing touch to your interior. The dimensions of the sticker are approx. 30 cm x 28.5 cm or 11.8 inch x 11.2 inch. The material used is PVC. The price of the sticker is Rs. 245.

7) Decor Kafe ‘Decal Style Bathroom’ Wall Sticker:

If you want some funny stickers on your bathroom tiles then this sticker is best. It is a great alternative to the wallpaper, Paint Or Stencils. It is very easy to apply but for applying you need the plain, clean and smooth surface. It is a self-adhesive vinyl sticker which is waterproof and easy to clean. The dimension of the sticker is 61 cm x 6 cm x 6 cm. The price of the sticker is Rs. 299.

8) Jaamso Royals ‘Waterproof Beach Shell Sunglasses Toilet’ Wall Sticker:

This is waterproof, durable material, high quality and available in low-cost stickers. This sticker can long up to 4 to 7 years. They are removalbe, reusable stickers but while removing this sticker you have to remove them carefully without damaging the paint on the walls. Also, when you remove them then its adhesive property may be reduced. The size of the sheet is 33 cm x 42 cm and its dimensions are lengths 4.2-foot x height 4.2 foot. It is made from PVC Vinyl. Its cost is Rs. 129.

9) M1-15 sea creatures toilet & bathroom Wall Sticker JAAMSO ROYALS:

It is an eco friendly sticker so no need to worry. You can remove it and reuse it anywhere. It is high qaulity, waterproof and of durable material. These stickers may last up to 4 to 7 years. Also, you can remove them but you should be careful while removing the sticker else it may cause the damage. You can reapply this sticker but its adhesive property reduces. The material used in the sticker is PVC Vinyl. The price of the sticker is Rs. 119.

10) Ecoart Wall Tile Stickers:

These stickers are brick style. They are of very high quality and waterproof. It has the perfect design of the bricks and gives the best look to the wall of the bathroom. They are a waterproof sticker and very easy to apply just you need to peel and apply. The size of the sticker is 12-inch x 12 inch (30 cm x 30 cm). It is a highly rated sticker and its price is Rs. 4,712.


So these were the list of beautiful and affordable bathroom stickers. By using this sticker you can make your bathroom more attractive and good looking. As some of the stickers you can cut with the scissors and you can make any shape. We hope that these best stickers made your work easy in choosing a perfect sticker for your bathroom.