10 Best Air Compressor of 2017 #2 is our top pick

Introduction of Best Air Compressor

Air Compressors simplify your different types of the work like operating the nail gun, inflating the tire, paint sprayers etc. Below is the list of few models that can be used for small operations to great for the air brushing that is used for the industries.

Here we give the features of 10 best air compressor of 2017:-

1) Ingersoll-Rand SS3F2-GM Garage Mate:

It is one of the largest and powerful compressors in the market. It has a huge 30-gallon tank and it has a horizontal tank which is connected to a cast iron. You will be surprised to hear that it makes less noise than other few models. You can perform long lasting and wide ranges operations using this compressor. The price of the compressor is Rs. 48,240 and it one of the highest rated compressor which works reliably in any condition.

2) Matika MAC700:

This air compressor gives the powerful performance because it has 2 hp motor. It is durable due to the iron construction. It requires less maintenance and it makes less noise than other compressors. It has an innovative design and technology used in it makes one of the best options. Due to this qualities, it is a most demanded air compressor. The price of the air compressor is Rs. 20,800.

3) Senco PC 1010:

If you are looking for the processor that can be easily transferred from one place to another place then this is the best option. It can be easily moved because of its size and weight. It is a compact machine as well as the other thing is that it allows high efficient operation without making much mess. It does not make use of lube while operating so it makes less mess. This one of the top rated compressor. It is perfect for the professionals and also if anyone wants to complete the task from home it completes perfectly. The price of the compressor is Rs. 7,650.

4) DeWalt DWFP55126:

This compressor has a 6-gallon tank and its PSI is of 165. It makes relatively less noise and highly efficient. It starts reliably every time in any weather. You can move it anywhere because it has a handle on top and it is lightweight so you can store it anywhere. It has an extra long power cord. The price of the compressor is Rs. 9,325.

5) Porter Cable C2002 WK:

This compressor performs the high-quality operations because they have used the induction motor in it and also it requires less maintenance. It has a soft start motor and which makes easy to perform any operation with perfection and in less time. It is easy to and performs all the operations as per the user’s expectations. The price of the compressor is Rs. 15,700.

6) Snap-On 870931:

This compressor is not used for the heavy or wide range operations. As it is small in size and lightweight you can easily transfer it anywhere and you can store it anywhere. It is the best choice if you want to do the jobs from home. It has a 1 HP motor which helps to fill the tank quickly. It is very easy to use and its compact. The price of the compressor is Rs. 15,600.

7) Black and Decker ASI300:

The best feature of the compressor is its gauge which is integrated on it due to this it takes the place in the top rated compressors. Due to gauge, its working makes convenient, lacks the complications and better than any other model. It is highly portable and you can use it for a wide range of jobs that need to be done in the house. As it is lightweight and compact you can easily carry it from one to another place. The price of the compressor is Rs. 1,670.

8) Matika MAC2400:

These compressors are used in industries as it can handle the wide range of the applications and every time gives the best result. It has good protection. It has a built-in thermal overload which makes possible to protect the engine. As it is lubricated with the oil then by its performance the cooler can be anticipated. Its construction makes it easier to use and gives the best performance. The price of the compressor is Rs. 31,710.

9) Campbell Hausfeld HL5402:

It has 4-gallon dual-stacked tank design which efficiently stores the air without being bulky or unwidely. It fills up the tank quickly and you can start your project without wasting time. You can use it anywhere as it is compact and lightweight. Due to its small size, you can store it anywhere. The price of the compressor is Rs. 12,420.

10) Bostitch BTFP02012 Pancake:

It is incredibly powerful and it is maintenance free. Its operational noise is 78.5 dBA. It is the best option to use this compressor in the house. Also, it works on the oil without making much noise. It is easy to use and you can get the best result its confirmed. You can easily adjust the pressure knob. The price of the compressor is Rs. 23,670. It is lightweight and its weight is nearly 29 lbs.


This were the few air compressors which help you to do any work efficiently and in less time. This compressor can be used in the house as well as in the industries. They always give the best results and performs every operation in less time. Hope that this article was helpful in choosing the best air compressor.