Best Air Brush Spray Gun Selected By Users.

Best Air Brush Spray Gun

The Best Air Brush Spray Gun are used for the cake decoration, or light body airbrushing or crafters can use this guns. Airbrush may have much difference in the prices because few of them you can use for multiple works and they have less maintenance. Below is the list of few airbrush spray guns that will help you choose them easily and in less time.

1) Badger Air-Brush Co 360: Best Air Brush Spray Gun #1

This spray gun is best for the people who are crafters, cake decorators, and taxidermists. Its front end rotational allows you to use for gravity or siphon feed usage depends on individual usage. The spray lines are 3 inches wide. There is a finger tight assembly tolerances. It will spray on all materials, acrylics to watercolors, inks to lacquers, Air-Opaque, Air-Tex, SpectraTex, MODELflex, and Totally Tattoo airbrush paints. The price of the spray gun is Rs. 7,730.

2) ETV HB79259-110V: Best Air Brush Spray Gun #2

This spray gun is the best option for the beginners and it has everything that will be useful to the beginners. It has a compressor’s carrying handle which helps to transfer it anywhere very easily. There are three airbrush storage cases. There is a high-efficiency piston air compressor. It has a corrosion-resistant nozzle cap. It is the best option for the nails and tattoos. The price of the spray gun is Rs. 5,750.

3) Temptu S-One: Best Air Brush Spray Gun #3

This is another best choice for the makeup and body airbrushing. It comes with the compressor and the dual action gun. It has PSI integrated into it which helps to make any work easily and completes in fewer mistakes. As it has a medium size so you can use it in the salons or workstation. The price of the spray gun is Rs. 24,310.

4) Iwata-Medea Deluxe:Best Air Brush Spray Gun #4

This spray gun is for the professionals. It is one of the best spray guns and it provides all the applications. It includes the cleaning formula. There is a multi-purpose brush that can be used on the variety of the surfaces. You can control the small designs perfectly. There are 10 paint colors which give you the best experience. The price of the spray gun is Rs. 22,110.

5) Master Airbrush SP7B-20-2: Best Air Brush Spray Gun #5

It is one of the best picks if you want this for a hobby. It has 5-piece mini cleaning brush for easy maintenance. It has complicated assembly and disassembly so you have to use the user guide provided by the company. In the user guide, everything is explained in detailed so you will not face many problems. It has mountable dual airbrush holder. There is a color mixing wheel which helps to create right shade. The price of the Airbrush is Rs. 3,630.

6) PointZero Multi-Purpose: Best Air Brush Spray Gun #6

If you are working on medium range project and you are beginner then this is a smart choice. It comes with the set of 3 guns, they are one broad-cover single-action, one fine-detail dual-action, and one gravity-feed dual action. So you can have the perfect gun for your project. If you have any issues or you are facing problems then you can watch the DVD, which comes with this spray gun.
It has powerful dual piston compressor, but the compressor gets very hot very quickly. The price of the spray gun is Rs. 22,560.

7) Grex Tritium TG3: Best Air Brush Spray Gun #7

It is for the professionals or the serious artists those who are looking for the quality tools. This machine uses the premium double action pistol style trigger. By using this trigger it will give you the best performance and versatility. It has a smooth and consistent spray which gives the best control to the user. It makes very less noise while operating so while working no one will get disturbed. You can easily switch between the air sprays. There is a moisture trap so machine remains clean. The price of the spray gun is Rs. 28,380.

8) Iwata-Medea HP-CS: Best Air Brush Spray Gun #8

If you are stepping up for the quality tools then this is the best choice. It’s gravity feed airbrush has unique 0.35 mm needle. It is combined with the nozzle for the fine detail spraying which provides high paint flow capacity. There is a large funnel whose shape is like a cup. It can spray on heavy paints and achieve fine lines on it. It is one of the best choices and it will make your work perfect and in less time. The price of the spray gun is Rs. 19,260.

9) Art of Air AOA-01: Best Air Brush Spray Gun #9

This spray gun is mainly purchased by the makeup artists. It comes with each and every tool. As it is less cost gun but ti will never disappoint you. You can carry easily and store anywhere as it is lightweight. It is very simple to clean. To assemble the gun it takes nearly 5 minutes. The gun comes with the Blush, Bronzer, Shimmer, and Anti Aging Prime. The price of the spray gun is Rs. 6,470.

10)Pilot Silver Stainless Steel Air-Brush Gun:Best Air Brush Spray Gun #10

This spray gun is made from the stainless steel and it is very easy to work with it. You can use it for Advertising, Inks and Photography studios. On the front top, there is a cup-shaped large funnel. The capacity of that funnel is 0.14. The dimension of the product is 15 x 5 x 4 cm. Always keep this machine away from the corrosive liquids. Never apply pressure from the top of the machine. It is useful and you can easily assemble and disassemble it. It is one of the highest rated spray guns and its cost is Rs. 1,11, 200.


This were the best airbrush spray guns which will help in doing all the work. Also, you will find few machines are developed for only makeup artists or few of them are for the professionals. If you are beginner then also you can easily make use of this guns. Hope it helped you to choose the best air brush spray gun.