Best Riding Lawn Mowers

If you have the lawn then you should mow it to keep it attractive. But nobody loves to mow the lawn. Also, hiring someone for mowing is really expensive and unnecessary. For those who doesn’t love to mow for them few genius combine the concept of go-kart racing and mowing and then there was the invention of riding lawn mowers. It covers the large area in less interval of time. Robotic mowers are also available but they are quite expensive. This riding mower makes free from the trouble of walking, pushing. Below is the list of few riding lawn mowers.

1) Husqvarna 18.5 hp variable transmission tractor mower:

The people who purchase the mowers by its performance and quality then this is the best mower in the budget. It uses air induction mowing technology which boosts airflow within the deck so this makes the cutting more consistent and we can use it for long period of time. It has a fast auto transmission technology which allows you to operate the mower efficiently and without much maintenance and efforts. As we know mowing is a very simple task if we have a right tool and this mower is best. It is very easy to use. Available in the online stores its price is Rs. 115,272.

2) Poulan Pro Kohler V-Twin 24HP Pedal Control Riding Mower:

It is best to a budget lawn mower for all types of lawns. Its engine is a V-Twin engine with 24 horsepower. It has 2.5-gallon gas tank which can be sufficient for the large lawns or if you want to work for long period of time. It has 54-inch moving deck and comes with 10 years warranty. This mower is considered as the best mower for the hills and uneven lawns. It has 20-inch rear tires and 15-inch back tires. This mower is very easy to use and one of the best performance giving mower. Its price is Rs. 173,624.

3) The Troy-Bilt Premium Neighborhood Riding Lawn Mower:

This mower is best for medium or small sized lawns. It has power engine of 420cc which gives the excellent and convenient cutting of grass. It is available in red and black colors. There is a comfortable seat where one person can sit and enjoy the mowing comfortably. The mower comes with the 18 inches turning radius and 13 x 5-inch front wheels and 16 x 6.5 inches rear wheels. This is best for medium sized lawns. The price of the mower is in the budget and the price is Rs. 79500. Available in online stores.

4) Husqvarna 24V Hydro Pedal Tractor Riding Lawn Mower:

If you want to mow in hilly areas then this is also the best mower. The quality of the mower is best and Husqvarna brand is well known for its quality. It has adjustable seat and proper grip for the stearing wheel which makes you work easily and comfortably. The top speed of the mower in the forward direction is 7 mph and in the reverse direction is 2 mph. It comes with 3 years warrenty and on chassis or frames or front axle, it has 5 years warranty. It is like a tractor because it is very powerful, it can mow in any area with top speed all these features are amazing. This is one of the best mowers and it is very easy to use and comes at affordable price. Its cost is Rs. 221,361.

5) Cub Cadet Xt1 Enduro Series Lt 42 In. 18 Hp Kohler Lawn Tractor:

This machine can cut the grass of any lawn means if the lawn is uneven then also it can cut your lawn’s grass perfectly. It has 18 HP Kohler cylinder engine which gives the powerful performance. Anyone can operate this mower because everything is handy if you want to control the speed then there is a push button which controls the speed while mowing. An interesting feature is that there is a cup holder if you want coffee while mowing then you can keep it in a holder. It has headlights which allow you to mow in the night. The price of the mower is Rs. 120,000.

6) Poulan Pro Briggs 15.5 hp Automatic Hydrostatic Transmission Drive Riding Mower:

If you are looking for the quality and powerful riding mower then this is for you. There is a 19 Hp Briggs single cylinder engine that gives the powerful performance. It is very easy to use. It is really handy and you can mow the uneven lawn because of its adjustable decks. It offers the top speed of 5.2 mph in forwarding direction and 2.9 in reverse direction. It has headlights so you can mow the lawn in the night. The price of the mower is Rs. 104, 135.

7) Swisher ZTR2766BS Response Lawn Mower:

This is famous lawn mower and most of them love this mower. By using this mower you can work perfectly and you can enjoy your work. The interesting feature of this mower is it can turn in 360 degrees. You can easily lower raise the deck as per your wish. There is cup holder so you can have a cup of coffee while mowing. It has 8 gallon fuel capacity. Its top speed is 8 mph in reverse as well in forwarding direction. This mower is really easy to use and comes at affordable price.

8) Raven MPV7100S Hybrid Riding Lawn Mower:

Raven Hybrid Riding Mower can be used for three things: riding land mower, power generator, and generator. You can use either gas or electricity as fuel for its performance. It is a powerful machine to mow the lawn and it charges the batteries for smooth performance. The top speed of the mower is 17 mph. This mower does not give the better performance in the uneven lawn because of lack or rear suspension. It carrying capacity is nearly 550 pounds. It is small mower so if you are tall then you will face difficulties while riding and mowing. Its price is Rs. 221,426.

9) Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series Garden Tractor:

It is very powerful and easy to use a lawn mower. There is a back, so you can sit comfortably and do the mowing work easily. The steering wheel has a proper grip and you can handle it comfortably. It is loaded with the hydrostatic transmission which allows you the smooth movement of the mower. It has headlights so that you can mow in any weather conditions. It comes at the reasonable price. Its cost is Rs. 213,090.

10) John Deere D110:

You can use this mower is any lawn. This mower can work easily in hilly areas, uneven lawns or can avoid the obstacles easily. It has a foot pedal hydrostatic drive power take-off lever by the steering wheel which makes easy to work on any rocks. It is very easy to use and its price is Rs. 110,713.


This were the best riding lawn mowers by which you can easily mow the lawn perfectly. All the mowers are powerful and easy to use. Hope this article was helpful in choosing the right riding lawn mowers.

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Best Hanging Baskets

We always want the stylish hanging baskets to store the daily required materials. They must be easy to use and must be attractive. Below is the list of few Hanging Baskets which are useful to keep the daily items and they are easy to use and attractive.

1) OutMad Sky-Blue Double Hook Hanging Baskets:

This is a multipurpose hanging basket you can use it in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, balcony, storage room. This basket comes in a set and in one set you will get three baskets. This baskets are durable and can hold tableware, fruits, and small equipment that are daily required. It has two hooks so you can easily keep anything and it will be safe. These hooks are rotatory, you can rotate this baskets in 360 degrees. The design of the basket is beautiful and stunning. Its size is 23 cm x 16 cm. The cost of the baskets is Rs. 549.

2) Home Care 3 Tier Hanging Basket:

It is a multi-stage basket. You can keep anything in that baskets. It will be useful in the kitchen for keeping the small utensils or fruits and vegetables etc. The size of the basket is 33x33x18 Centimeters. You have the choice to choose the colors as it is available in various colors. This is one of the best and easy to use a basket. Its cost is Rs. 1,670. Available in online as well as in offline stores.

3) Pratha hanging basket:

It is a large hanging basket. It may be useful in the kitchens for keeping utensils, in bathrooms or you can use it in other many ways. It is available in various colors so you can choose as per your wish. This hanging basket has Mirror satin finishing. Its dimensions are 21 x 21 x 15 cm . You can hang it anywhere and it is made of plastic. It has the capacity to carry the heavy load so you can keep the heavy material in it but not so heavy like heavy weight metals and steels. It is available in online as well as offline stores and its cost is Rs. 350.

4) YOGERS Kitchen Sink Caddy Sponge Storage Hanging Basket:

This hanging basket is made of Rubber. By using the press button also made of rubber you can close or open it. It is very handy to use. It can hold a sponge and few light weight materials. It can fit on any standard faucet. You have many color choices. So it can be useful in the kitchens and bathrooms which hold small items. This is the best basket for keeping small items. The cost of this hanging basket is Rs. 249.

5) Home Cube TM Suction Hanging Basket:

It is a cubical shape basket and this suction basket used to keep the items like chopsticks, spoons, and toothbrush. It is firm and durable and you can move it anywhere. Mostly it should be hanged on a smooth surface. At the bottom of the basket, there are holes which are made for leaching of water so that chopsticks, spoons are quickly dried and there is the prevention of bacteria. It is available in various colors. The size of the Basket is 22 x 11.4 x 7.8 cm and its weight is 59 gm. The cost of the basket is Rs. 149.

6) Kitchen Sponge Holding Basket:

It has two pockets so mostly useful for the kitchens with double sinks. They are very useful to keep the scrubbers, sponges, soaps and other kitchen sink accessories. At the bottom of the baskets, there are holes which prevent water from accumulating and it promotes the sanitary drying. It is made using the molded rubber and very easy to use and keep it clean. It is available in various colors options. The weight of the basket is nearly 18 gm and size is 13 x 10 x 10 cm-5.31 x 4.11 x 3.94 inch. The cost of the basket is Rs. 159.

7) Agralan Basket Cosie:

It gives the protection to the hanging baskets. These cosies protect the baskets from the frost below the -6-degree celsius temperature. Also, they protect from the cold winds. Agralan Cosie is made from 25/28g green fleece so you can re-use it as many times you want. You can wash it in machines but the temperature should be less. In the cold season if you spray water on the cosie then it will improve the insulation quality. The size of the cosie is 48 cm and suitable for all the baskets. It is not available in India you have to order it from other countries and pay the taxes. But very useful for the baskets it helps to maintain the baskets.

8) Modern Home Cabinet Wire Hanging Basket Shelves:

It is the best basket to keep anything you want. It is available in four sizes so as per your wish you can choose any basket which is suitable for your shelves. It is a wire basket. There are two rods on top, the only thing you have to do is just fit that two rods in the shelves and done. It is 10.25’ deep. The cost of this basket is Rs. 21,589. Each basket is white powder coated durable steel. You can keep any item in it looks beautiful in any shelve.

9) Generic Double Sink Sponge Hanging Basket:

Kitchen Sponge Holding Basket is similar to the Generic Double sink basket. It is used to store the tools and there are holes in the bottom which helps to keep the items dry. You can hang it on double sink kitchen, rack. It has creative two bags and has a press button to close or open it. Available in a variety of colors. Its weight is 110 gm and size is 21 x 20 cm. The cost of the basket is Rs. 907.

10) Hortus SS 10″ Wire Round Hanging Basket:

This basket is not used to store any items but you can use it to style your porch, balcony or garden. It is made from stainless steel wire and it is rust resistant. There is three piece chain and one hook so you can hang it anywhere easily. The size and weight of the basket 25 x 25 x 13 cm and 470 gm. The price of the basket is Rs. 370.


So this were few Hanging Baskets that can be useful in for keeping various items and they are available in various sizes and colors. Hope so this article was helpful to find the best hanging baskets.


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Best Hanging Planters

If you don’t have the lawn or garden but you love planting the small plants, then you have the best option of the Hanging Planters. These hanging planters are used to plant the trees in the bucket and you can hang it anywhere. If you hang it in the porch, terrace or balcony it will look attractive. Below is the list of few hanging planters which will help you to reduce the confusion while choosing.

1) Green girgit Metal Hanging Bucket Planters:

It is one of the best planters. You can hang it anywhere you want. This planter comes in the set of 2 pieces. It is made from the metal so it’s quite strong and capable to handle the heavy looad. Its weight is nearly 2 KG. The dimension of the planter is 5-inch x 5-inch x 5.5 inch. As it comes in the 2 pieces set so the colors available are green and yellow. You can hang it on the porch or near the door and will give the cool look. The price of the Hanging Bucket Planters is Rs. 899.

2) Dhavesai Hanging Pot/Planters:

If you want the straight line of the hanging planters in the porch or anywhere then this is the best planter. It comes with the set of 6 pieces of hanging planters. The weight of the planter is 600 gm. As they are made from plastic for they cannot bare the heavy load. Also, its hook is made from plastic. You should take one care of watering the plants daily in this planter. The size of the planter is UpperDiameter: 18cm,Lower diameter10cm,Hight13cm,Hanger length30cm. So it is perfect for the small plants at outside or inside of the house. All the six pots are available in same brown color. Its price is Rs. 309.

3) Cappl Vertical Garden Wall Hanging Pot:

This planter is widely used to create the vertical garden. There is a hanger at the backside of the pot so you can easily hang it on the bars of the windows or in wire mesh. It is available in nine colors so you have many choices. It is made from Polypropelene, UV Stabilize. The dimensions of the planter are Height: 129 mm, Width: 97 mm, Length: 125 mm. The price of the planter is Rs. 399.

4) Ehouseware Inc. Hanging Round Planter:

You can use this round planter as indoors or outdoors. Another use of this planter is that you can use it for the decoration of the flowers. It is lighweight, durable and you can clean it easily. If you want then you can gift this planter for those who love the planting or gardeners. It comes in the set of three pieces. The size of the planter is 14 Cm X 12 Cm. Its cost is Rs. 590.

5) TrustBasket Single Pot Railing Planter:

It is available in the set of five pieces. You can use it in the railing or wire mesh. It looks attractive. They are made from metal and it can bare heavy load. They have strong hooks. It is slightly similar to the Cappl Vertical Hanging Pot. As this planter comes in the set of five so all the planters are available in the different colors and you can get all the planters in the same color to look elegant. If you want to use the planters on the railings or window grills then this is the best option. The price of the planter is Rs. 1,199.

6) Pepper Agro GPA1023 Hanging Planter:

Pepper Agro planters have a metal chain. This is the best looking planter and capable of handling the heavy load. You should water the plants regurely in this planters. The dimensions of the planters are Open Diameter: 8 inches, Depth: 5.25 inch, bottom diameter: 4.75 inches. It has a base plate so water will not fall if you hang in the house. The price of the planter is Rs. 240.

7) Trustbasket Rectangular railing planter:

It is a rectangular planter. This planter is made from Galvanized Iron Metal and it is powdered coated for the rust resistance, long lasting and durable. It is very easy to use and clean. There are two hooks so you can hang it on the railings, grills or wire mesh. Its size is 12 inch and available in a set of 4 pieces. Also, has four different colors for choosing. The aize of the planter is Height 13.9cm(5.4inch) Length 31.75cm(12.5inch)Width:14.98cm(5.8inch). It is really lightweight and has a detachable hook. The price of the planter is Rs. 1, 399.

8) First Smart Deal Plastic Hanging Pot:

This planter does not crack, fade or break. It is available in the pack of 4 pieces. This plantrer is lightweight, durable and we can easily use it or easy to clean. It is the perfect gift for the gardeners and those who love planting. The dimensions of the planter is Length – 21cm, Width – 21 cm, Height – 14 cm, Hanger – 45cm. The price of the Hanging Planter is Rs. 399.

9) Coir Basket Hanging Planter:

It is mainly used in the gardens. This planter is made from Kraft Seeds. Coir basket is Light weight & easy to handle. Bio-degradeable. The main feature is it retains the moisture for a longer time than the metal or earthen planters. Also, you should sprinkle with water, excess water will be drained out. The price of the hanging planter is Rs. 320.

10) Self Watering Hanging Planter:

It is a self-watering planter. There is a watering grid inside planter and when you want to water just triggered the capillary action it will extract water from the bottom storage. It is made from virgin plastic PP. It is available in multiple colors. Due to the use of virgin plastic PP, it becomes more durable. The price of the Hanging Planter is Rs. 2,200.


So these were the best hanging planter that can be used in the porch, gardens or on the grills, railing and wire mesh. Hope so this list help you in choosing the best hanging planter for you.


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Best Electric Barbecues


Everyone is not comfortable in cooking food in the smoke and if you are living in the apartment then probably you should not try. Cooking food on the Barbecues is good for health and its flavor is best. The alternative for the charcoal barbecues is electric barbecues, you can try it can try it anywhere and it gives the happiness of cooking food in Barbecues. Barbecues allow user to control the temperature which gives the good cooking experience.
As choosing will make you confuse and prices may vary so we have provided the list of few best electric barbecues you can use anywhere.

1) Waring Pro CIG100 Professional Cast-Iron Grill:

Waring Pro is one of the best Barbecue. It is very simple to use and usually used for indoor cooking. This model is made of stainless steel splash guard which can be folded and you can remove its cast iron grilling surface. It has a large cooking area we can adjust 6 burgers easily. The cooking power is 1800 watts which are not enough sometimes. The issue about this Grill is that it is heavy weight and it doesn’t have a nonstick coating. The price of the Barbecue is Rs. 5,136.

2) Livart Orange BBQ Deluxe Electric Barbecue Grill:

It is one of the decent Barbecue. It is small in size and you can easily use in the houses or apartments. Being small in size still, it has a large grill and heavy in weight. You can adjust the height and also stainless steel can be removed. It is easy to control its temperature and it powerful to cook the meat and other types properly. For cooking meat, we require the less height and sometimes we may face problems due to its adjustable height. The price of the Barbecue is Rs. 3,445.

3) Hamilton Beach 25360 Indoor Flavor/Searing Grill:

It is a compact and portable product. Its simple construction and decent look can attract anyone. It has a large lid which can cover the whole grill. You can easily control the temperature as it has simple temperature dial. There is nonstick plate which makes easy and convenient for us to clean after cooking food. Sometimes a large amount of smoke can be generated which is the weak point of the model. Its cost is Rs. 4,582.

4) Presto 09020 Cool Touch Electric Indoor Grill:

Presto is one of the smallest barbecues. The size of the Presto is 18-inch but you can cook any food properly. It has a non-stick coating so after cooking you can easily clean it. It has grease draining systems which prevent the smoke generation so that you can use it in houses. It has a cool-touch base which makes easier to handle and it has a spatula. It has grease draining system but there is horizontal grilling surface due to which grease cannot drain properly. The price of the Barbecue is Rs. 2,242.

5) Livart LV-982 Electric Barbecue Grill

This barbecue is different from other barbecues. Other barbecues have solid grilling plate but this barbecue has stainless steel plate through which the heat can be passed easily. There is tray at the bottom which catches the fat while it is a compact model. There is temperature control dial due to which you can easily control the temperature. It is difficult to clean because we need to clean multiple elements if we don’t clean it properly then it will generate the smoke. The cost of the Barbecue is Rs. 3,593.
6) George Foreman GRP4842MB Multi-Plate Evolve Grill
It has premium construction so that you can use it in the houses or in the outdoor. It will not generate the smoke. It has a ceramic plate and waffle plates. This model gets hot quickly means in 50 seconds it reaches to 500 degrees. It has a large lid and digital temperature controller makes you control the temperature easily. There is no stick ceramic surface itself is easy to clean. Grilling plate is no removable. The price of the Grill is Rs. 7,800.
7) Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Patio Bistro Electric Grill
It looks like a gas model but it is an electric grill. The cooking area is nearly 320 square inches which make us easy to adjust the 12 burgers at a same time. We can use it in indoors and outdoors. It has caster wheels and large lid with temperature gauge. The grill is made up of ceramic but still, it is not totally non-stick. So it is difficult to clean. Its cost may is Rs. 8,700.
8) Delonghi BG24 Perfecto Indoor Grill:

It is very easy to clean and easy to use. It has simple metal grilling plate which distributes the heat. It has small glass lid and temperature control dial. The grilling plate is a nonstick which makes easy to clean. It has a small drip tray. Its cost is Rs. 3,446.

9) George Foreman GGR50B Indoor/Outdoor Grill

It is suitable for indoor and outdoor cooking. It has decent cooking surface and you can transport it easily. There is temperature gauge on top so we can easily control the temperature. It has a large lid that covers the grill completely. It has a special drawer which collects the fats. You can easily clean the all the parts of the grill. The price of the Barbecue is Rs. 6,155.

10) George Foreman GRP1060B 4 Serving Removable Plate Grill

It is one of the best-selling grills. This model can be used to cook in the houses. It is lightweight so we can move it anywhere. It is 35 percent faster than other grills. It heats up very quickly so it takes less time to cook. You can remove the grilling plate so that you can clean fastly. On the lid there is grilling surface, we can make use of it to make the sandwiches. But it has only 60 squares inches of the cooking area which mean we can make only 4 burgers simultaneously. The price of the barbecue is Rs. 1,945.


So this were the best electric barbecues and you can use them in houses, apartments and at any place (outdoor). Hope this article will help you in choosing the best electric barbecues.


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Security solar lights

There is need to be eco-friendly as pollution is increasing and all living beings are facing problems. Nowadays, we have security lights that work in the sunlight. This eco-friendly light uses solar panels to collect the sunlight and charge the battery. This light works in any season without giving any problems. All lights last up to 10 hours in summer.
Below is the list of the solar lights which can be used for the security purpose in houses and comparatively they have less brightness.

1) Sun jar yellow:

Sun Jar yellow is a colorful jar and they can be used for the decoration purpose also. There is a solar panel in a jar that charges the battery so that LED can glow in the dark. When you are charging jar you should switch off it so that battery will charge fast. It takes few hours to charge and they can work perfectly for several hours. Sun Jar has a sensor in it which switch on when there is darkness or low light and switch offs when there is natural light all this is done automatically. You can manually switch off the jar so that you can conserve the battery. It is available in various colors like yellow, pink and blue. Its cost is nearly Rs. 1599. Available in online shops.

2) Solar Dual Function Lights:

Solar Dual Function Lights comes in a pack which has eight lights in it. There is white light and also there are color changing lights. Once you charge these in direct sunlight then each Light will work for eight hours. It is better than other lights works perfectly without any complain. You can manually switch off and switch on so you can conserve the battery life. You have the choice to select the white light or color changing light as there is setting for that as per your wish you can change its colors. Its cost is nearly Rs. 3250. Available in online retailer’s shop.

3) Cole and Bright Solar Ice Orb Border Light:

If you want to make your lawn to more attractive and beautiful then you can use this Solar lights. These lights are made from stainless steel and the glass is of crackle glass. It is 60 cm tall in which there are solar panels which store the sunlight and it is totally wireless. You have the choice to select the setting of lights either white light or color changing lights. Once it is charged it can work for 6 hours or more. If you want of smaller height solar lights then the company is making the lights which will have less height rod. Its cost is Rs. 1055. It is available in online stores

4) URPOWER 8 LED Outdoor Solar Motion Security Light:

As they are solar lights so no need for the wires and switches. As there are no wiring then installation process is simple and can be done in no time. It has automated sensor it switches on in the night when motion is detected and switches-offs in the morning so no wastage. These lights are waterproof, heatproof and weatherproof that is suitable in all kinds of weather. You can use them in Porch, Garden, yard etc. When it detects the motion then it provides the maximum brightness for security and safety. It has the capacity to provide the 12 hours light after sunset. LED span is nearly 50,000 hours and it takes 6 to 8 hours to fully charge. It is available in 2 pack and 4 pack.
Its cost for 2 pack is Rs. 1699 and for 4 pack is Rs. 2399 and available in Online shops.

5) InnoGear Upgraded Solar Lights:

This lights have 2 in 1 installation process, either we can stick it to the ground or they have provided screws so mount on the walls. There is no need of protective film. When there is sunlight then it automatically turns off the lights and when it detects the motion then it automatically turns on the light. In per charge, they work for a long period of time. Its battery capacity is nearly 2200 mAh. These lights are waterproof, heatproof and weatherproof. Its cost is Rs. 1699.

6) Swiftly Done Bright Solar Power Outdoor LED Light:

You can mount this lights on the walls or any surface you want. As they are solar lights so you can install it in few seconds. It is waterproof, made from plastic then also heatproof and whatever may be the weather it doesn’t matter that is weatherproof. In dark or low light the LEDs will glow automatically and in bright light, it will stop automatically. Its cost is Rs. 700.

7) MAXSA Innovations Security Spotlight:

This light can be use for the security purposes and also in garages, sheds etc. They are dual headed LED lights. It can detect the motion from 40 feet. It has four super LED bulbs of 0.5 W. As it is dual headed so you can rotate both the lights in different directions and so that they can give security in any direction at a same time from the same place. It is easy to install and very useful. Its cost is Rs. 2899.

8) Frostfire Bright Solar Powered Light:

It is powerful motion sensing lights. The LED’s are waterproof, heatproof and weatherproof. As it is made from plastic so it is bright as well as durable. Once the motion is detected in three meters activation zone then they will illuminate the light. These lights are very helpful to secure your house or any property. Its cost is RS. 900. Available in Online stores with offers as well as offline stores.

9) Atom 20 LED Bright Solar Lights:

It offers super bright lighting in wide areas. It is similar to other solar lights but it is much brighter than other lights. In bright or in morning it absorbs sunlight and stores in a solar panel in few hours. In the night it works for 8 to 10 hours when it is fully charged. You can mount on any surface. It is very easy to install as there is no wiring. It detects the motion from 26 feets away. It is very helpful and useful for the security purposes.

10) InnoGear 20 LED Solar Lights

It has bigger panels and the bulbs are super bright. It has sensitive motion sensor it can detect from 16 feet. They are the best light for the security of gardens, houses or porch. It is waterproof, heatproof and weatherproof. There is no wire and no adapter so you can easily install this lights. Its cost is Rs. 1300. Available in Online stores and Offline stores.


We can use this lights for the security purposes. They are eco-friendly so no pollution and mounting this lights will make your house or garden look beautiful. Hope so this article was useful and it helped you in choosing the best solar lights for the security.


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Robotic lawn machines

If you want to keep your lawn clean and healthy then there is need of the tools that will make your work easy. Nowadays, there are autonomous robotic lawn machines available for gardening. This machine works for an unlimited period time. You love to sit in the lawn but hate to spend a lot of time in cutting grass and more then you are on right place.
Below is the list of few Robotic lawn machines which will help you to look your lawn attractive and healthy.

1) Lawn mowers:

It is a robot used to cut the grass. Before the Robotic Mowers, while cutting the grass we have to set the border wire around the lawn and that area should be mowed. Some mowers have rain sensors so that they can understand about the rain automatically. Some lawn mowers come with batteries of Nickel-metal hydride, lithium ion, and lead acid. From 1995, solar mowers are available for cutting grass. Today’s mowers are controlled with smartphones, digital joystick or you can adjust the time of the mowing with the help of apps. You can set the frequency of the mowers. The mowers are very easy to use and do everything on its own. It is available in different qualities and a variety of price tags. You will get the mowers in online shops as well as in offline shops.

2) Lawn scarifier:

Another name for the Lawn Scarifier is dethatcher. It is designed to cut through the soil and help to remove the dead moss and grass cuttings. It works on electricity and our you can handle it manually. It helps to make the soil healthier, weed free and long lasting. There is need to use the scarifier because if we didn’t remove the dead moss or grass cutting then the rain water will not drain deep into the ground and water should be on the ground. If water sits on the top then it will make your lawn soggy. The scarifier is easy to use and it works on electricity as well it works manually.

3) Electric Lawn Raker:

Electric Lawn Raker is similar to the Lawn Scarifier. It helps to remove the leaves, debris, moss and mostly weeds so that grass diseases are cured. It works on the electricity. It has a powerful cylinder rake which is used to remove the unwanted moss and thatch. As per your height, you can adjust the height of the Lawn Raker. It is easy to use and cleans the debris and weeds from the lawn properly.

4) Line Trimmer:

The line trimmers are used to cut the grass in the areas where it is difficult to reach. As the line trimmers are lightweight, compact and versatile and mainly used for the creating the neat and proper edges. These trimmers are very easy to use and we can keep anywhere we want, we can mount on the roof or keep on the roof. They are available in petrol, electric and corded models. You can purchase whichever you want. Sometimes there is heightened grass so before mowing we can use the trimmers to slash the grass.

5) Greenworks Cordless Brushless Blower:

Many times lawn become untidy due to the leaves. It is not easy to clean the leaves by hand or with the broom. So we have the Brushless Blower, it has a jet fan which delivers 115 MPH and 430 CFM. You can vary the speed of the fan as per your need. There is speed trigger with cruise control and it works on the battery so you need to charge the battery every time when you use it. The battery is made of Li-Ion. The blower is very easy to use and available in online stores as well in the offline stores.

6) Lawn Edger:

The most attractive part of the lawn is its edge. The edge of the lawn should be neat and should have the proper and perfect edge. It is easy to use but you should be professional in edging the lawn. There is a detachable shaft which can be fitted on any trimmers. It has a heavy duty gear box so it may make noise will edging the lawn.

7) Hand Cultivators:

There are hand cultivators that can be used in the gardens. This cultivator can be used for breaking soil and weeding between the plants. It has 4 tines which rotate in the forward direction so it can easily remove the dirt. You can adjust the height. It is easy to use and transportation can be done easily. But you should be professional in gardening. Hand Cultivators have the Li-Ion battery. The battery is nearly 4Ah for all the Hand Cultivators.

8) Honda Miimo:

We all know Honda is a popular company in robotics and the world’s advanced robot named as Asimo is developed by the Honda. Miimo is advanced lawn mower which works as per your wish. It does the repetitive tasks for a long period. So it can cut the grass for an unlimited period of time. In a single day, it can cover 2200 square meter or 3000 square meters. It operates in three modes: one, in random mode, means it can navigate in any pattern. Two, directional means it moves in to and fro direction. Three, mixed means in any direction or works randomly. It is obstacle avoiding mower, if it detects any object then it turns around.

9) Robomow RS630:

It is a very powerful mower. You can control the robot via remote if automatic mode is not able to reach the small areas. Like other mowers, there is also charging station and if the battery drains then it will automatically return to the charging station. It covers the 3000 square meters at one time. It can also detect the objects.

10) Husqvarna Automower 265 ACX:

It can cover the 6000 square meter of area. It has a wide range of sensors which helps the robot to navigate the areas. The interesting feature of the mower is it sends the message if there is any disturbance in the operation. It has Li-Ion battery once it is charged it can work for 80 minutes. To charge the battery it takes nearly 40 minutes. It has an alarm system if the blades are shutting then it will announce to the owner. This robotic mower can detect the obstacles.


This machines will help you keep your lawn clean and healthy. By using this machine it will save your time and you can use them for a lifetime. They are easy to use. Hope this article was helpful and useful to you.

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